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Core of the Apple Part 3 by NaterRang

Oh my Celestia, of course! This totally explains why Rarity and AJ are so close, and yet so antagonistic to each other in season 1! On ...




Lady Justice by graphitescribble
Lady Justice
"Heroism with style: Justice Sparking in the Dark!"

Hey, I finally drew Matsuko in her other form. And I'm actually really satisfied with this one, for a change.

Anyways, just imagine that she's fighting any given monster or villain, and having a WONDERFUL time doing it.

My Reaper High OC; what's Reaper High? Ask…
Gym Partners by graphitescribble
Gym Partners
Superhuman Weight Training - even those with superstrength need to learn their limits, and how to push past them. Coach Parr puts his students through a rigorous workout every day, and also teaches them how to lift heavy and awkwardly shaped objects safely. 

Matsuko was partnered up with a student from Brawl Hall for this class, but they share a certain... enthusiasm, so I'm sure they'll be fine. I guess this would still be her first day? 

(Is Undyne a teenager? She is now. Monster ages are weird. Continuing from yesterday's "I need to buy a scanner" series. Still, for my level of ah, "skill" I guess it doesn't matter. Tried hard not make Mr. Incredible look like a creeper, though, so there's that.)

(I don't own Undertale or The Incredibles, but I do own my OC, so there.)

(Reaper High by… )
Matsuko-First Day by graphitescribble
Matsuko-First Day
Ruby: "So... where exactly are we supposed to go now?"
Matsuko: "Um, well obviously... I have no clue."
Star: "You guys have cool stuff. Can I see the gun-thingy?"

In response to the "first day" Reaper High prompt, here's my tol OC with two new smol friends. I think they'll have a lot in common. 

Blah blah I don't own "RWBY" or "Star vs The Forces of Evil" blah 
Don't sue me there's no money to be had.

(In case my drawing is that bad or you're just not familiar, Ruby Rose from RWBY is on the left, Star Butterfly from Star vs The Forces of Evil is on the right. Both are good shows, go support them.
RH OC - Matsuko Tachibana by graphitescribble
RH OC - Matsuko Tachibana
An OC for that thing that people do.

EDIT: Since I didn't see before that she needed a class schedule, and don't know where to put that, into the description it goes!

Hero Studies:
1. Citizen Rescue/Protection
2. Secret Identity Maintenance
3. Kaijuology 
4. Magic in Heroism
5. Superhuman Weight Training 
6. Urban Damage Control
7. Ninja Defense
8. Crypto-anthropology

DOUBLE EDIT: Now with twice the character sheet! Casual outfit edition. And her "Transformed" version remains unseen, because I ain't drawn it yet. Don't look at me...


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Cory Andrews
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I am going into my senior year in high school, and want to ultimately become an author, or game designer. I occasionally draw comics.

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